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Friends of Chesterfield Praises Central Virginia Delegation for Opposition to Dominion’s Proposed Gas Plant



Glen Besa, Friends of Chesterfield,, 804-387-6001

March 13, 2024

Friends of Chesterfield Praises Central Virginia Delegation for 

Opposition to Dominion’s Proposed Gas Plant

CHESTERFIELD, VA - Friends of Chesterfield County praised nine area legislators for releasing a statement in opposition to the methane-fired power plant proposed by Dominion Energy for Chesterfield County.  

Senators Hashmi (D - Chesterfield), Bagby (D - Richmond) and Aird (D - Henrico) as well as Delegates Gardner (D - Chesterfield), Jones (D - Richmond), McQuinn (D - Henrico), Carr (D - Richmond), Cousins (D - Richmond), and Willett (D - Henrico) issued a joint statement raising objections to Dominion’s project, citing concerns over air pollution, environmental justice and climate impacts inconsistent with state law: 


“Dominion Energy’s current pursuit of permits to build a new gas-fired power plant in Chesterfield County undermines the state’s transition to clean and renewable energy. Dominion Energy .. must take a prominent leadership role in the transition to clean, affordable, and reliable energy for the millions of Virginians it serves.”

Formed last year in response to the project,Friends of Chesterfield has organized multiple community events focused on educating the community surrounding the proposed plant about potential health, financial and environmental impacts.

“Hundreds of community members have raised concerns  about toxic air pollution and rising power bills since learning of Dominion’s plans for yet another  power plant in Chesterfield County,” said Jason Woodby, a founding member of Friends of Chesterfield and high school science teacher in the county. Residents in the area have lived next door to Dominion’s coal-fired power plant, the Chesterfield Power Station, for nearly 80 years. “It is reassuring to know that our state representatives have heard our concerns.”

“The neighborhood where Dominion proposes to construct this gas plant is a textbook definition of an overburdened environmental justice community, with a majority of people of color and 37% of households living below the poverty line,” noted Aliya Farooq, also a founding member of Friends of Chesterfield County.. “Given the significant potential for harm to the community, we urge the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors to deny Dominion Energy’s zoning application to move forward with the gas plant.”

Dominion Energy filed its zoning application for the gas plant with the county on January 31, and the project is currently under review by the county planning department. The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors is expected to hear the zoning case this summer.  


Friends of Chesterfield is a community-based group in Chesterfield County, VA, dedicated to bringing residents together around the issues that impact our lives.  Currently, we are focused on organizing opposition to Dominion Energy's proposed gas-fired plant because it will raise electric bills and emit toxic air pollutants, impacting the health and wellbeing of Chesterfield residents.

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